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LG Seeds – Maximum Potential in Every Seed

The strongest genetic combinations.

Being part of AgReliant Genetics – one of the largest independent seed-only organizations in the United States – means we have access to the best traits and germ plasm in the industry. Combine that with extensive quality control and state-of-the-art facilities, and the result is high-quality seed, bag after bag.

Leading Genetics

AgReliant’s research program ranks among the top five in the United States, guaranteeing that we’re always on the leading edge of hybrid development. Advanced techniques – like doubled haploid breeding – let us develop new imbred lines in half the time of traditional breeding for quicker release of new traits and truly pure, uniform genetics.

Extensive Testings

Our North American research facilities evaluate 100,000-plus hybrid combinations annually. Tests ranging from warm and cold germination and purity analysis to winter grouts and electrophoresis, help ensure consistent performance in different environments. We take an aggressive approach to bringing the best products to market.


LG Seeds is the third largest seed corn company in the United States and is proud to be part of the AgReliant Genetics Organization.

  • The Largest Independent Seed Corn Company in the U.S.
  • AgReliant Genetics’ Parents are #1 and #2 Independent Seed Companies in the World
  • AgReliant Genetics is the only non-chemical company in the U.S. Top Five – Seed is our only business.
  • AgReliant Genetics is one of only five companies with significant corn breeding.


Who is AgReliant Genetics?

Global Resources – AgReliant Genetics was formed in 2000 to server the United States market by KWS of Germany and Groupe Limagrain of France.

Strong Foundation – KWS and Groupe Limagrain are the two largest independent seed companies in the world with over 200 years of combined seed experience.

Independent – Headquartered in Westfield, Indiana, AgReliant Genetics is an independent “seed only” company. AgReliant Genetics is not affiliated with a chemical company. This allows AgReliant Genetics maximum flexibility in germplasm and trait technology.


Di-Haploid Breeding

dihapoidAgReliant Genetics launched a significant corn breeding operation in the year 2000. This program ranks among the best in the industry and is recognized world-wide for its proprietary “di-haploid” or double haploid breed process.

Di-haploid breeding greatly reduces the normal breeding/testing cycle allowing higher yielding products to be brought to market faster than any conventional program.