We need to raise 300 bushel per acre corn to be profitable. Do we need micros such as sulfur and
Here is a link to a handy nitrogen calculator to help determine the most return on investment
  Now is the time for fall soil sampling to be completed. For a minimal charge you can sample for    
You will probably be seeing this pest in your corn field unless you planted a traited corn that is resistant.
  High test weight grain is awesome. Can we really measure the success of a hybrid by the test weight
      Here is a great university article about Potash deficiency showing up this time of year as "top
Here is a great article from  Robert Koch (Extension Entomologist). Don't depend on the calendar date to stop scouting for these
Here is a great link to R.L. Bob Nielsen's (Purdue University) work on grain fill stages in field corn.
Eyespot and Anthracnose have been showing up in our fields. It's time to spray fungicide. Add some insecticide if you