With a possibility of high corn prices coupled with higher input costs, now is a great time to look at
A great article by Jeff Morey-our local team agronomist-to help with cold weather planting decisions's-the-right-time
Here is a new article published by Jim Camberato ( and Shaun Casteel ( Purdue Unitversity. Worth the read:
Here is a fantastic corn grower event published by R.L. (Bob) Nielsen-a professor from Purdue University. First of 3 segments:
Excellent information to keep our soils running at peak efficiency
Here is an excellent article just posted by University of Illinois Researchers-Gary Schnitkey, Sarah Sellars, and Laura Gentry Reposted by
It may be a hard decision right now when and if to apply fungicides. Here is a recent LG article
HERE IS AN EXCELLENT ARTICLE TO HELP YOU FIGURE OUT YOUR HAIL DAMAGE AT THESE EARLIER CROP STAGES. This link is courtesy of R.L. Bob Nielsen Extension Corn Specialist & Professor of Agronomy--Agronomy Dept @ Purdue University
Here is a must read article by LG Seeds about early soybean planting. We should be planting soybeans at the
Here is the new "Corn Drydown Calculator" published by Iowa State.